GoHire creates tools such as e-Assessment, Employee management system, and Student learning and assessment etc.. which are used by numerous teams worldwide. And we’re committed to creating incredible products, strategies, and open work for all teams.

We develop softwares to meet the needs of our customers, set their teams up for success, and keep their business running smoothly.

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Pre-employment Assessment

e-Assessment offers a large selection of topics in technology areas or can be designed to build customized tests that fit your business needs. Companies can generate a multi-subject test in seconds, hand-pick favorite questions, or even upload your own test content.

EMS (Employee Management System)

CAMP reduces time-consuming HR tasks to a few mouse clicks. All of your HR & employee data is in one place, reporting is simple, employee self-service saves time, and now you have time to focus on people rather than paper.

CAMP (Consultant Account Management Project)

A flexible, cloud-based employee management system that can help you manage your workforce. To gain a better understanding of your workforce, create a secure, comprehensive, and scalable database. Our employee management system allows you to create and manage a database based on your preferences.

Student Learning and Assessment

Student learning & assessment platform is a curriculum based learning and assessment tool to conduct the tests, evaluate, and produce detailed reports in various subjects. This program is developed to be an ongoing endeavor which will also help the students to prepare for various national and international tests.