GoHire Recruitment Process Outsourcing benefits include increased efficiency, agility, scalability, cost-effectiveness, and more. Partnering with GoHire for RPO offers an efficient and tech-led hiring process.

We not only provide skilled workforce and talent acquisition solutions, but we also manage the entire employee hiring cycle and ensure that the resources are well aligned with the established work culture. The team can be as small as one person or as large as fifty people spread across multiple countries.

We achieve great hires quickly while lowering your spend by combining our recruiters’ expertise, best-in-class technology tools, streamlined recruitment processes, and enhanced employer branding. 

GoHire RPO solutions can be deployed completely remotely, on-premises as needed, or a combination of both. We grow or readjust as your priorities change to ensure everyone succeeds. 

We guarantee that every member of your team meets your high quality standards in terms of skills, attributes, and performance.


RPO Advantages

GoHire RPO Models

Whatever your recruiting challenges are, GoHire will work with you to assess your situation, identify the true core issues, and design an RPO solution that is best suited to your needs and goals.

Full Life Cycle Sourcing Solutions

GoHire provides end-to-end managed and outsourced solutions with a dedicated team of experts for your operation. We specialize in optimizing staffing, production, quality, safety, compliance and cost savings. With outsourced solutions, you outsource responsibility for specific functions or departments to us, while keeping operations within your facilities.

Recruiter on Demand

Recruiter on demand is a GoHire niche recruiting solution that emphasises flexibility and quality hiring. If your internal recruiting team requires some assistance, or if your organization's resources are limited, you can "lease" your recruiting team to GoHire to upgrade your organization's ability to recruit. Consider it like this: On-demand recruiting allows you to choose when and how you need a talent acquisition service that is tailored to your specific requirements.

Project Based RPO

GoHire takes a holistic approach to staffing a project. While similar to contract staffing because the technical management of personnel and work flow remain under our your control, GoHire takes on more of an offensive coordinator’s role overseeing the management of an entire team’s timely on and off-boarding, knowledge transfer, technical training and human resource responsibilities.

Hybrid RPO

GoHire hybrid RPO is the best option for businesses that need the services of both a permanent and contingent workforce. This blended talent solution provides organisations with complete control over in-sourced and outsourced jobs. Another significant benefit of hybrid RPO is that the RPO service handles all contingent workforce compliance regulations, alleviating major concerns for their clients.